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keratin pre-tipped hair extensions
LoKs Salon now offers top quality keratin tipped hair extensions to our clients!
Keratin tipped hair extensions, also known as fusion extensions, are applied by a heat method using a hair extension iron to fuse the keratin onto the client's hair. The heat will not cause damage
as it touches the hair for only a few seconds. Fusion hair extensions are the most popular method and the longest lasting. 
Keratin tipped hair extensions are available in
909 European Extensions and 808 European Blend Extensions:
The 909 European Extensions are crafted from pure Ukrainian hair. Ukrainian hair, like Russian hair, is known for it's silky, soft texture.  The premium quality 909 Extensions are best for fine to medium texture hair.
The 808 European Blend Extensions are a combination of Ukrainian and premium Asian hair. The 808 Extensions are popular for their high quality and great price and are best for medium/fine to coarse texture hair.
The application rate for our top quality keratin tipped hair extensions is $100 per hour, in addition to the purchase of the extensions.
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and get the silky soft hair that gets noticed!