Desirae Santos


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Hey everyone!


My name is Desirae, but you can call me Des or Desi. I was born and raised in Groton, CT. I have a

six-year-old daughter who I absolutely adore and love. She definitely keeps me on my toes DAILY.


I’ve wanted to be a hairstylist for as long as I can remember! I used to be so obsessed with my hair that I started doing my family’s hair too! (Shout-out to them ☺ ) I had a late start with going to school, but I’m more determined than I feel I’ve ever been!

I went to Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy in Cranston, RI. The drive was definitely a lot, especially at night when I was tired and ready to be home BUT it was all worth it! Now that I’m finally doing what I love, I feel it was the best decision I’ve made! I’m so beyond blessed to now be a part of this amazing salon with these amazing women! I’m excited to start my journey here!


I love the beach so much I wish I could live on it. I hate flying but my dream is to travel to so many different places. I’m even planning my 30th birthday trip to Paris! (I have three more years ☺)


My love for flowers is crazy! I eventually want a huge garden, one that I can walk through.


Family is everything to me! I enjoy hanging out with them even if we’re just sitting there watching TV. They’re the funniest people I know! Never a dull moment with them!